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Financial management and reorganisation of companies, accounting, special audits, bankruptcy proceedings and other professional financial services since 1999

Financial services
Professional accounting
Bankruptcy proceedings

Finantskonsultant has been operating in its area of activity since 1999 and offers high-quality financial and accounting services for companies and trustees in bankruptcy.

Our clients operate in diverse fields: manufacturing, real estate development, commerce, horse breeding and in various countries (including Sweden, Latvia and Russia). We also provide services for companies outside Estonia by means of a modern software solution.

Proceeding from the needs of the client and financial expediency, we suggest proposals for the optimal transformation of a company or a group, provide advice for transferring shareholdings and assets and organise the reorganisation of companies.
We have long-term experience in conducting bankruptcy proceedings and the division or separation of major companies, from the examination and systematisation of the accounting of the parent company up to preparing the accounting of the newly created companies.

We provide services in Estonian, Russian and English.


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