Professional accounting

Finantskonsultant OÜ is a company that has operated in the financial services market for more than ten years. Our clients can rest assured that they will certainly receive accurate, correct and timely accounting services and all the required accounting-related counselling.

Our regular accounting options:

  • Full service – organisation of the accounting of the entire company (the process only involves our employees; includes the organisation of the entire accounting by us from preparing the source documents up to preparing the annual reports);
  • Tandem – organisation of the accounting of the entire company (the process involves our employees and your employees; partially includes work performed by the client);
  • Preparation of annual reports – preparation of the annual report once a year on the basis of the documents provided by the client;
  • Chief accountant service – includes the preparation of financial reporting, tax reports, inspection of the entries made by your employees and counselling support;
  • Source documents package – we provide the service of entering the source documents into the system whereas you provide the chief accountant service.

Finantskonsultant OÜ provides accounting services for commercial enterprises (OÜ and AS) and for public sector enterprises (SA), including state accounts, and we also provide accounting services within the framework of various projects.