Financial services

Reorganisation of companies

Proceeding from your needs and financial expediency, we suggest proposals for the optimal transformation of the company or the group and provide advice for transferring shareholdings and assets.

Finantskonsultant OÜ is also experienced in the division and merger of major companies, from the examination and systematisation of the accounting of the parent company/companies up to preparing the accounting of the newly created company/companies. With our assistance and high-quality financial and tax advice, division processes are always completed successfully.

Financial analysis and financial management of companies

We provide financial services for companies (including groups) that include:

  • Preparation of reporting;
  • Preparation and monitoring of cash flow forecasting;
  • Preparation of the budget and monitoring adherence thereto;
  • Systematisation of accounting;
  • Financial analysis and management of operating capital.

Special analyses

Pre-purchase due diligence analysis of companies

The staff of Finantskonsultant OÜ is experienced in conducting due diligence analyses and is always willing to help you.

We will help prepare your company for sale by making the pre-sale preparations in the financial documentation and prepare the documents required by the buyer on account of the seller.

Internal audit of companies

If you wish to become aware of any potential risks in your company or conduct an independent special audit in the company, our professional team is able to help you out.

The internal audit of the company is essential for banks as it provides them an independent opinion of the actual financial condition of the company and the existing financial risks.

Financial counselling

Should the manager of the company have any financial issues or questions, we are always willing to help you. All oral financial counselling is free of charge if our company provides accounting services for you.